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Goon Squadron members are gamers, badass gamers. So while we do enjoy some Star Citizen we do not require it to be the only game you play. Our members are diverse in their titles yet always find their way back to Stanton.

Goon Squadron is a laid back environment with the Org structures as neither "Good" nor "Evil". Goons are rogues, but the lifestyle can tend to walk the dark path.

As the development of Star Citizen grows, so shall we.

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Interested in rocking that motorcycle life? Ranger REQUIRED for membership in this exclusive club. Join up and be ready to ride.


Visit our YouTube Channels for more information on Goon Squadron & Org Founder Gipsy Ronin as well as general topics on gaming

Occasionally the Goons enjoy some Giveaways to have fun with the gaming community. So check back for contests!

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